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Solid Cells Shader C4d Plugin Download

If you are interested in creating fluid simulations, smoke, or clouds in Cinema 4D, then this Solid Cells Shader plugin is the perfect tool for you. This plugin is designed for C4D R18 and includes a user manual to help you get acquainted with the shader. You can download this shader for free by clicking on the link below. https://www.cineversity. com/solidcellsshader.html Once installed, the plugin allows you to create 3D particles using simple settings. You are able to create particles with a variety of particle shapes, textures, etc. The particle settings are optimized for Cinema 4D R18 and can also be used in other 3D programs that use C4D's Renderman shader system. C4D users will be able to create realistic smoke simulations by simply changing the look of the smoke particles with a few settings. The gas type that you choose depends on how you want your gas to look like. The name of the particles are dynamically created based on the settings that you give. Not only that, you can easily control particle size, speed, etc. Everything that is needed to create realistic smoke in C4D is here in this plugin. The Solid Cells Shader plugin also allows you to create liquid particles. Besides liquid, you can create fiery liquid and frozen liquid. The liquid settings can be customized using pre-defined liquid options and textures. You may also extend the capabilities of the shader by importing your own textures and setting different thicknesses for the liquid particles. This plugin also includes features such as: *****update**** Version 2.0 released June 2018 - Added cloud function for fluids, fluids are now unlimited in number ... more updates to come... Version 1.5 Update January 2014 Improved parameter management, new scale option...added option to set random scale for each particle.. added new granularity settings.. added new limits option.. added new texture setting to wrap texture around particles ... more updates to come Rankings - Cell-Solid Plugin - -  Cinema 4D Plugin that allows easy creation of particle clouds, emitters for fluids and smolders, as well as an easy way to create complex fire geometry without the need of doing simulation setups. eccc085e13

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